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How to Choose the Best Exporters Wholesale Indian Human Hair Extension Supplier for Your Salon Busin

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Performing Indian Hair extensions has become one of the most lucrative works that a salon can accomplish, but the quality of the work is actually equal to the quality of the hair that is purchased from the Indian human hair extensions vendor.

Fusion hair extensions have become increasing popular but again, even though using the pure keratin bonds are a supreme method to attach hair extensions, again your best methods may be destroyed because of the laxness of your human Wholesale Virgin Hair extensions supplier. As in all things, quality shows and the customer goes away happy, beautiful and satisfied for a longer amount of time!

wholesale virgin hair suppliers in india

Deciding on whom you will use for hair extensions is both difficult as well as very frustrating as you will be spending a lot of time and expense with your customer to be sure to deliver a high quality product. The choice of high quality hair is that your customer will agree with you that your work lasted as opposed to those salons who use the cheapest hair they can find. The virgin Indian Remy Hair, for example, has all the cuticles solidly intact and they are set in a unidirectional method so that there is no tangling when brushed or combed out.

Cheap human hairs will either not match the texture or shine of your client or it may pull out easily and therefore not last anywhere near as long as it should. Further, cheap human hair extensions have been known to damage the root system of the client, and lead to time-consuming lawsuits, not to mention the loss of money that the salon will experience in both money spent fighting in court and in direct loss if the salon loses the case.

A professional Natural Hair Extensions can match color as accurately as possible, as well as having human hair that will be naturally curly for those needing curly hair, or wavy if that's what is called for. Hair that has been treated to become curly will break off, look unnatural when mixed with naturally curly hair, as well as falling apart much quicker than using a proper human Real Hair Extensions vendor. Pure quality does not shed nor tangle.

Some human hair extensions suppliers use hair that is from a single draw and some from double drawn hair. It's important to know your supplier well when ordering because one cannot rely that even expensive single drawn hair will be of higher quality than double drawn hair.

Ask your supplier if the hair that you are purchasing has ever been stretched. Stretching hair allows for longer length, however it will dry out the hair, as well as make it easy to tangle, and you will receive hair that has extremely thin ends.

To be sure of getting the highest quality, it's best to order or ask for samples prior to committing to an order. Practice using the hair on a mannequin to ensure the quality is something you are willing to install on your client. Ask your human hair extension vendor for details about the hair prior to ordering.

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