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How to take care of your Virgin Hair Extension

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

“The hair extensions might be not your natural hair but you love to wear them”. These are not the part of your living body even though, it needs utmost care and maintenance similar to natural hair. For better luster and longevity, you have to maintain them properly and timely.

De tangling – The initial Procedure

Make sure that hairs are tangles-free before shampooing. Always used wide-toothed comb or de tangling brush to removes tangles from hair. Avoid long stoke or flounce else hair-extensions sweep down from top to bottom. It is better to comb in small incremental sections and avoid brushing while when hairs are wet.

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Shampooing/Conditioning- is another crucial step

It is recommended to do shampooing at least once in a week as per the texture, environmental conditions and perspiration. Make sure to use warm water and moisturizing shampoo to wash Human Hair Extensions. We take care of quality but durability is your responsibility.

Gentle downward motion with least pressure is the appropriate way to wash and rinse the hair. For longevity and best results, always prefer sulfate-free shampoo and organic product for your human hair extensions. Adorable Hair suppliers suggest their clients to use natural hair oil such as almond and coconut instead of inevitable chemicals for conditioning effects.

Deep Conditioning- last step but not the least

Never to avoid the conditioning as your skin needs moisture similarly the extensions. You can use hot-oil treatment whenever you color your hair chemically. Indian Hair Factory offers the quality and natural products even though recommend to used natural oil or moisturizer twice a week. Organ oil is the best source to remove frizz and enhance the style.

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Everyone on this planet, especially girls like a quick fix of Glam. The users can use 100 percent Natural full lace Wigs to enhance the look or get ready for party. Indian Hair Factory in Chennai makes sure that you can transform your personality as per your choice so you can choose any of the hairstyle such ad messy, wavy or straight.

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