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Indian Temple Hair

Indian Temple Hair

Emergence Of Raw Indian Temple Hair


The raw Indian temple hair industry has been around for thousands of years and is one of the most ancient hair care practices known to man. It has been used in various cultures to heal, protect, and beautify hair. It has been used in different cultures to create various forms of body art, such as tattoos of the head and face. It is used in ancient rituals and ceremonies in India, Nepal, and China.


Raw Indian Temple hair has been an iconic symbol of goddess Shakti since time immemorial. It has been used to create sacred prayer threads, decorate the sanctum of temples and mandirs, and wear by women during special occasions. The term temple hair is also used to describe the hair that grows on the scalp of women who are menstruating. It is believed that temple hair possesses certain medicinal and spiritual powers.


The hair of an Indian temple is regarded as a sacred and valuable asset and often stolen. With that in mind, the Indian temples usually forbid the import of hair from outside the country to safeguard their valuable assets.


Raw Indian Temple hair is one of the best types of hair extensions, and it has the ability to grow at a rapid rate. As the name suggests, this type of extension is derived from the hair of temples, and they come in a variety of textures and lengths, depending on the specific temple from where the hair is obtained. The Indian temple hair extension is available in various colors, like blonde, silver-grey and black.

An overview of Indian Temple Hair Suppliers

Indian Temple Hair Supplier is much in demand in the fashion industry as they provide 100% clean and processed human hair sourced from across different temples in India. These are very shining and gleaming in nature with its natural texture retained while its cuticles are untouched.

Scope Of Indian Temple Hair Suppliers


Hairstyling for a different look is convenient these days. Choosing the right raw Indian Temple hair vendors for raw Indian hair extension allows you to opt for different hairstyles as desired. As raw Indian Temple hair vendors, we ensure that there are no compromises on the quality of the raw Indian hair bundles offered by us. With a reputation to maintain, we make sure that the Indian Temple hair extensions provided for personal use or even for business quality are not compromised in any manner.


Raw Indian Temple hair suppliers offer a versatile and attractive choice for hairstyles and head wraps. The hair is made from the inner layer of hair of the head of the Agriya. Raw Indian temple hair is produced in several shades, colors, textures, and lengths

Reason For Indian Temple Hair So Popular


Inside every woman is an innate desire to feel beautiful. Our hair is the most personal part of our appearance, and we treat it as such. We do not love to let our hair go un-styled or unwashed. We spend a lot of time and money pampering each strand of hair, and we are more than willing to pay a lot of money for the best hair products in the market to make our hair look beautiful.

Raw Indian temple hair is not to be confused with virgin hair. The raw Indian temple hair suppliers sell hair that has been processed but still contains a large number of natural oils, which is good for the health and longevity of the hair.

"I'm not a big fan of using hair as a costume, but there are times when you just have no other choice," said a celebrity actress. If you use a wig, you have to come up with something that looks like your hair is natural but is a little different. If you have a fake hairstyle, go for a wig. But if you can avoid it altogether, why not go for the raw, indigenous hair?

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The process flow


Generally, the process flow is that these Indian temple hair suppliers source Virgin Indian Hair from South Indian Temples. In the effort to preserve its natural look and sizing, the hair thus obtained is clipped or group instantly. This is then brought to the manufacturing unit where the actual processing is done. This involves deep processes of cleaning where any presence of wits or lice is keenly looked for and weeded out. This step is very imperative as it ultimately decides the final quality of hair.

Chemical processing vs natural processing

The process of cleaning Virgin Indian Hair may or may not involve the use of chemicals. When no chemical is used, the natural color and texture are indeed retained so that we obtained a very realistic look when used. The process also involves sun-drying the hair for a stipulated time period.

As a step to ensure that the hair remains remy all through, the hair is tied at the end until wefting is done. Generally, the best Indian temple hair suppliers tend to do this process of wefting manually. If done so, the final product will have unidirectional hair flow. Plus, the wefts are so strong that you will not have any issue of tangling or breaking of hair strands.

Finally, the Wholesale hair vendors provide hair extensions that are durable. They generally produce extensions with tensile clips for ease of attachment or detachment.

Annual auction

Finally, coming on to how the Indian temple hair supply business works, it is usually auctioned every year. Only the well off will practically be able to get the auction that involves bulk amounts. With that being said, it is indeed a huge business that involves strenuous processing and quality assurance either of which are inevitable to sustain in the billion dollar business!

Why Choose Us


Wholesale Indian Hair Vendor

As most successful and trusted manufacture of the market, Adorable hair suppliers provide the superior quality collection of Indian Human Hair. The skilled professional process it by using excellent quality human hair obtained from reliable resources. While processing organic hair products are used to make it look radiant. The real human hair is very demanded to make the wig for various extensions and styling. The human hairs are offered at competitive prices. Having gorgeous, beautiful, shiny, healthy and natural hair is what each and every woman dreams of but unluckily due to a number of the factors, it becomes increasingly complicated to maintain health and beauty of you are natural hair which ultimately results in severe hair loss and fast receding hairline. This is where the services of indian human hair suppliers like us will help you the lot in the hiding bald batches of yours with the effortless way and with utmost comfortable. At Adorable Hair suppliers, Indian Hair Company offers only the best quality of the Indian virgin Remy human hair to their customers in highly reasonable charges.

They are one of the few companies who want to purchase top quality virgin human hair directly from temples as you might know that Indian women in the south India tend to shave off their heads for sake of religious purposes which offer the best opportunity to purchase human hair extensions directly from the temples. They are only supplied natural human hair that with no chances of any type of the artificial or the synthetic hair. They take complete care of collected hair so that their cuticles remain undamaged and running in the same direction to avoid any type of tangling. The extreme emphasis is laid on the fact that hair of one donor does not obtain mixed up with that of other so to ensure that each and every hair bundle that possess must have same hair texture. The primary market besides India is USA, UK, Africa, Europe, China, and Jamaica which has helped to provide hair boutique, Indian virgin hair experience to the people all across the world. The unique selling point is the best quality of hair that supply that will be used to adorn all types of personality, be it shorter hair style or longer hairstyle

Benefits Of People Purchasing Indian Human Hair From Trusted Suppliers

Wearing hair extensions will offer completely different feel to face and even personality. This is the worth purchasing Indian hair for coming up with the different styles and the best place to obtain virgin human hair from Adorable hair suppliers should be for the reputed and trusted human hair wholesale company.


The human hair suppliers provide its customers, the exclusive collection of the options in the human hair which are not only of the superior quality but will be designed into various forms for wearing out on various occasions. This is where a brand of indian human hair wholesale supplier comes into the picture; because of the trusted Adorable hair suppliers will be obtained from workshop and store.


The customers and retailers have received the best products at affordable human hair price. Hence, customers can get Remy and on-Remy types of single drawn and double drawn virgin Indian hair, which is resourced from the genuine range of sources. Since human hair has been well known in the market, all human hair extensions, wefts, and products are in the high demand among enthusiasts. The supplier ensures that products are delivered in superior quality, with packaging that can keep the things durable for long, without any kind of the damages for long days.

Thus, in order to get a very stylish and trendy look you must purchase best quality curly hair from a trustworthy company like Adorable Hair Supplier who vouch for their best quality hair and wonderful service for their each and every customer.

Wholesale Indian Hair Suppliers To Get Top-Notch Products

When you want any kind of Indian hair extensions, ‘Adorable Hair Suppliers’ is your best choice. Why? It is because you always want the best quality products for your needs and that too, at the most reasonable charges.

We are the wholesale Indian hair suppliers that put ‘quality’ as our priority. Our Indian hair weaves are made only of natural hair and they contain no artificial materials. Similarly, when you get hair extensions from us, these come up with the following traits:

  • No tangles

  • No weft

  • No shedding

  • No lice

  • Perfect finish

  • Silky and glossy

Thus, we are the wholesale Indian hair suppliers that leave no stone unturned to offer you the perfect quality products at highly affordable charges. Contact ‘Adorable Hair Suppliers’ for all kinds of your needs relating Indian hair weave and hair extensions etc. We aim to bring your lost confidence back by our outstanding hair extensions.


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