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6 Tips for Picking the Best Indian Human Hair from Adorable

Updated: Jun 15, 2023

Hair extensions mean adding couple of artificial hair to increase length to hair and to add volume to your natural hair. These extensions are made up of Indian human hair or synthetic hair. Human artificial hair can be dyed; flat ironed, permed but synthetic hair cannot go through heating process and dying process. These extensions have different ways to be used like clip in method, gluein method, fusion method, weaving method and wigs.

Indian human hair is supposed to last longer than synthetic hair. As they are natural hair they can be taken care of just as naturally as your human hair. Whereas synthetic hair last for 1 to 3 months depends on your usage. They can get easily damaged if in they come in contact with any heating process, heat can burn the extension. Dye can spoil the texture of synthetic hair texture. Human hair extensions are way expensive than synthetic hair extensions and are available with any wholesale hair suppliers. The maximum time for human hair extension last for 6 to 12 months

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Choosing hair extensions can be a difficult and tricky task so it is recommended to consult an Indian human hair stylist and choose accordingly. They can suggest you the method that is perfect for you and type of hair that will suit you well and the colour that is best match for your hair.

Human hair: while buying hair extensions check if it is made up of natural human hair or synthetic human hair. It is advisable to buy Indian hair extension as they last longer and giver proper natural look and they can also be treated as human hair. In case of synthetic hair you cannot treat them a natural hair, they are more complicated and not very versatile.

Indian Natural human hairs : these hair extensions are straight and in same direction from roots to end. They are tangle free because they are kept in a way that the strands don’t get caught with each other. These hair strands are picked one at a time so they are said to be the healthiest hair.

Seamless hair extensions: in this type of hair extension method, the hair strands are placed very close to the head and just to create an illusion, they are not near to your hairline. They are applied in the direction of natural hair to make it look like the natural ones. The most important part in this process is to make prefect use of the tools and heat. Tools help to keep your hair from damage.

Hair colour: the most important mistake that is made by the people in choosing the right hair extensions is whether colour is matching with your hair colour or not. There is a vast range of hair colours that you can choose from and can become easy to choose the right shade. You can also use highlights and low lights of extensions without colouring your natural hair and causing harm to them.

Maintenance: the expensive and high quality hair extensions are not in need of extra maintenance as needed by the synthetic hair extensions suggested by wholesale hair extensions suppliers. To maintain your hair healthy you should brush them often so that there are no tangles in it that can cause breakage. You don’t have change your natural hair care routine. Just try not to sleep in wet hair.

Safe extensions: the more you care properly for your natural hair, the more they will be saved from getting damaged. After removing hair extensions, it can take one to two weeks for your hair to feel normal of same density again.

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