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Why do Most of the Women Prefer Indian Remy Human Hair for looks Beautiful?

Updated: Dec 27, 2022

Indian Remy Human Hair is considered as the highest quality of hair extensions available in the market. It is popular for its natural appearance and versatility. There are so many people who use them as hair extensions as well as lace-wigs. They are defined as laces that are collected from the donor with the cuticle of the laces intact. Due to the intact cuticle, the growth pattern of these wigs also remains unidirectional. As the cuticle remains intact, it is also able to reflect more amount of light adding to its lustrous sheen.

wholesale virgin hair extensions

Most if the modern wigs available in the market undergo a general cuticle stripping process which is known as an acid bath. When the acid bath is completed, a silicon covering is generally placed over the sheath of the extensions in order to give it a faux sense of the sheen. At the same, the silicone finally wears off when the hair is washed and dried. As mentioned earlier the cuticle remains intact so that a woman can rest assured that her Single Drawn Indian Remy Hair extension will remain lustrous for many months to come. One average, before replacing most of the women receives approximately 12 months worth of use from their Remy extensions. In some extreme cases women can also use Indian Human Hair for 18 months long provided they take great care of them.

In addition, Remy extensions don't also tangle or mat easily. This also increases its popularity among women. There are so women who make a mistake by thinking that Remy is a brand name or it is the name of a manufacturer. However, actually it is a term used for the hair that is natural and comes from the human preserving the cuticle. They are generally all over the world, but Indian Hair is considered as the most superior extension all over the world. It is superior both in appearance as well as quality. This is the reason why they are considered as the best of all. At the same time it is also true that the origin of the hair is not so important when the quality and the methods of collection are concerned.

Remy extensions are popular all over the world due to some particular reasons. First of all, most of the women prefer the smoothness, shinier, and healthier appearance of them. In appearance they are no doubt superior to the other Wholesale Virgin Hair extensions such as Malaysian hair weave, Chinese virgin laces, Virgin Brazilian wigs etc. They are also superior to their synthetic counterparts. After washing, they would not tangle or mat. The women should buy handmade wefts rather than machine made wefts. The handmade wefts tend to lie more flatly and smoothly against a woman's head.

There is an additional benefit of Remy human extension. Just as woman's natural hair they can be blow dried, curled, as well as straightened. You can also dye it whenever necessary.

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