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Tips to maintains the wigs in Hair

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Winter season is about to go and it is perfect time to transform your hairstyle. But, you are confused how to do so as sometimes you like curly hair while other time wish for long straight hair. This is the only reasons why we invest time and efforts to become Indian Human hair factory in Chennai. Some of us invest good amount of time and money to get fresh look via hair extensions clips.

Whatever, your choice may be, we are happy to see you in glamorous look.

Here are few tips that help you to know about Indian Hair extensions and how to apply them.

In order to keep your wig properly in hair, it is very important to fit it correctly. It is very awkward situation, if your hair blows away with winds. Trust us, we always offers genuine products and qualitative Indian hair extensions.

What you need to fit the wig in hair:

- A wig cap as per the skin tone

- Hair clips and ties

- Bobby pins

- Rubbing alcohol or witch hazel

- Swabs or cotton ball

- scalp protector

- adhesive tape

- scissors

- hair styling products as desired

1. The initial step is to protect and secure your natural hair. Always use chunky braids and corn rolls for thick and long hair. This will help hairs to remain flat and ease to fit a wig. Bobby pins are best to tuck the loose ends.

Indian Hair Extensions

2. Wear a wig cap according to skin texture, for eg if you have brown skin wear the brown one and choose the light-colored wig for pale skin. Make sure that wig-edge line-up with hair line.

3. Adorable hair Suppliers also offers 100% natural full lace wigs to give an impression of natural hair growth. You can trim off, if you find it extra. But, note that this needs to be done first time.

4. Just remove the extra oil from skin via rubbing alcohol or witch hazel and stick the wig with glue. It is better to use scalp protector around the hairline, if you have sensitive skin.

5. Now, you can put a thin strip at the base of hairline. It is better to use adhesive for the same.

6. Put the wig properly lining the front with front-head and back with back –head.

Now, you are ready with desired style. Indian Human hair factory helps you to get any hairstyle of your choice and pleased the world with beautiful curls.

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