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Common and Serious Fallacy about wholesale hair extensions

Internet is the major source of information as well as core center to spread rumors. Lots of rumors and myths are available over the search engine. We thought it is a good idea to clear the doubts and myths related to hair extensions.

# Hair extensions are quite smelly, dry and rough -

there is a misconception floating around the internet that these hairs are dry, rough and stinky. But actually it’s the company who defines the quality of hair extensions. Adorable hair supplier is a reputable wholesale Indian hair supplier who is not going to sell rough and dry hair at any cost.

In fact, they maintain the quality by providing luscious strands of virgin Indian hair which are prewash before turning into human hair extensions.

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# Presence of Lice in hair extensions

Most of the girl believes that wholesale hair extensions are infested with lice. While we are not sure about any other companies but Adorable hair supplier check again and again to belies this fallacy.

# Black is only color for hair extensions

Another fallacy is that hair extensions are only available in Black. Human hair can be turned into every shade by exposing in sun. Blonde, brown, red are some common shade but even blue and pink color are also possible. So, get the high quality and natural hair extensions to make the hairstyle that suits your personality.

# Human hair extensions can’t be colored

It will hard to believe but hair can changed to any color of your choice. Synthetic hairs are difficult to dye but hair extensions have the similar properties as natural hair. Bleaching and technical expertise are required to make this task a piece of cake!

Boost up your personality by dressing up with tresses that includes added length and lusciousness.

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