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Raw Unprocessed Indian Temple Hair

What Is Unprocessed Indian Temple Hair

Indian temple hair is an unprocessed virgin hair type. It is painstakingly collected from all over the world by the temples of India. The Hair is then plucked from the scalp and sorted for quality and color. The Hair is then immediately processed and sold to various apparel companies. Unprocessed Indian temple hair is known for its quality, durability, and shine. It is highly sanitary as the temple workers will collect the Hair from the scalps, wash the Hair, then comb and then sort by color, texture, and grade. 


The hair extension industry is thriving and fashionable. Human hair extensions are made from natural Hair and come in various lengths, colors, and textures. Hair extensions are dyed, which can change their texture and appearance. Natural Hair is similar to Hair that has been treated with chemical dyes, so it cannot be dyed or bleached. Hair extensions are not the only option. Synthetic hair extensions are also available and contain no human hair. It is more affordable. Hair extensions are usually applied by a hair extension specialist at a salon. They can also be purchased at beauty supply stores.

Where Is Unprocessed Indian Temple Hair Produced


Unprocessed Indian Temple Hair, also known as Indian Hair, comes from women worldwide. These women donate their Hair to temples which use it to make wigs for women suffering from hair loss. Women sampled for donating their Hair do so out of their own free will. The women themselves are compensated for the Hair they donate. You can color your Hair, straighten it, and cut your Hair.


Indian Temple hair, also known as temple hair, virgin Remy hair, or authentic Remy hair, is the highest quality hair extension. It is straight, healthy, shiny, and lustrous. It is ideal for human hair wigs and hair systems or can be worn in its natural, unprocessed state. Indian temple hair is harvested from both temples and sacred sites in India. This Hair has never been exposed to chemicals, dyes, or heat, so it is naturally unprocessed.


Indian temple hair comes from temples in the Punjab region of North India. It is harvested from temple-goers who have given their Hair to the temple to consecrate for their deities. The temple hair is used in various ways, including for the temple hair wig. The temples use temple hair in wigs because this Hair grows at a slow rate and is more potent than other hair types.


Unprocessed Indian temple hair wigs are the ultimate in luxury. Natural human hair wigs are by far the most popular choice when considering hair extensions. Natural human hair wigs are also the most costly and are available in limited lengths. However, human hair wigs made from unprocessed Indian temple hair are unparalleled in beauty, quality and value.


 When wearing Indian temple hair, proper care is critical. Unless it is washed by hand and dried naturally, the Hair becomes brittle and damaged. The Hair can be worn straight or curled, worn as is, or made into a wig. The benefits of unprocessed Indian temple hair can be tremendous compared to processed Hair. Other than swelling up the cost of your Hair, processed Hair tends to look very artificial, brittle, and will break or shed very quickly. Most of us want our Hair to look nice, especially after being colored.

Advantages of Unprocessed Indian Temple Hair


Indian temple hair is a premium hair product. It is natural, unprocessed Hair. The Hair is luxuriously soft, lustrous, curly, or wavy, looks divine, and has an alluring feel. It blends in beautifully with different types of Hair and looks good on all hair types. The Hair can be worn straight or curly.


While almost all-natural human Hair is Virgin Hair, Virgin Hair is Hair that has not been processed. This Hair has not been colored, bleached, permed, or chemically treated. Virgin Hair is also typically the most expensive Hair on the market. A portion of the market is willing to pay for Virgin Hair because of the rarity and superior quality of the Hair.


The benefits of unprocessed Indian temple hair are numerous, and there are various ways in which it can improve your life. This Hair is gathered from temples, where it remains untouched and unprocessed for at least 3 to 10 years. That can mean many good things for you, including that the Hair is in healthy condition and has not been exposed to chemicals, dyes, or greying. This is an ideal hair for you, as it means that you can save money as you do not have to dye or condition it and that the Hair will not fall out.


Buy Raw Unprocessed Indian Temple Hair

  • A new looks, be it for just one day or even for a long time. Maintaining this is as easy as maintaining the existing-raw Indian Temple hair vendors, which is, shampooing, oiling and conditioning this Indian hair Extensions at regular intervals with care and caution.

  • Opting for the clip-on raw Indian temple hair extensions works ideal for temporary use. You can remove them as and when required. If the requirement of these extensions is for a longer period you can think of opting for the stitched-on type which requires a few hours sitting at the salon. Make sure you look out for a well-reputed salon as this can make all the difference to the way these raw Indian hair extensions are attached to your existing hair.

  • Shop Indian hair which is natural, like the Temple Indian hair weaves. This might work out a wee bit costlier as compared to the synthetic raw Indian temple hair weaves but work out long lasting and offers a natural bounce and volume. This cannot be detected in any manner, which makes it a worthwhile investment.

  • Buy Temple Indian Hair weaves as this can only add to your beauty and charm and also offer that different look you desire. raw Indian hair extensions tend to change your total personality and instill the required confidence.

  • Shop raw Indian hair with the for original hair got from a single donor where the cuticles run in a single direction. This ensures that you do not face any problem with the drying or the tangling of the hair.

How wigs creation started in India

During ancient times, windows are forced to cut down their hairs to follow the rituals and customs. The local collectors collected the virgin hair and sell them to various European countries.  Similarly, most of the Indians and other countries trail the same pattern to create the hair-extensions. This is not an easy process as head and tails are tangled and mixed-up.  We carry out the cleaning process but that is done manually not bleached or chemical used.  This is the only reason why the customers all over the Globe choose the Wholesale Indian hair vendor to get the qualitative product.

 We are offering premium quality in the form of virgin hair at affordable rates. It doesn’t mean that you can never get the qualitative product at the best price. Only you have to find the trustworthy Wholesale Indian hair vendor.

 Get the luscious gorgeous hairstyle for your upcoming special moment!!!!

Why Choose Us


Wholesale Indian Hair Vendor

As most successful and trusted manufacture of the market, Adorable hair suppliers provide the superior quality collection of Indian Human Hair. The skilled professional process it by using excellent quality human hair obtained from reliable resources. While processing organic hair products are used to make it look radiant. The real human hair is very demanded to make the wig for various extensions and styling. The human hairs are offered at competitive prices. Having gorgeous, beautiful, shiny, healthy and natural hair is what each and every woman dreams of but unluckily due to a number of the factors, it becomes increasingly complicated to maintain health and beauty of you are natural hair which ultimately results in severe hair loss and fast receding hairline. This is where the services of indian human hair suppliers like us will help you the lot in the hiding bald batches of yours with the effortless way and with utmost comfortable. At Adorable Hair suppliers, Indian Hair Company offers only the best quality of the Indian virgin Remy human hair to their customers in highly reasonable charges.

They are one of the few companies who want to purchase top quality virgin human hair directly from temples as you might know that Indian women in the south India tend to shave off their heads for sake of religious purposes which offer the best opportunity to purchase human hair extensions directly from the temples. They are only supplied natural human hair that with no chances of any type of the artificial or the synthetic hair. They take complete care of collected hair so that their cuticles remain undamaged and running in the same direction to avoid any type of tangling. The extreme emphasis is laid on the fact that hair of one donor does not obtain mixed up with that of other so to ensure that each and every hair bundle that possess must have same hair texture. The primary market besides India is USA, UK, Africa, Europe, China, and Jamaica which has helped to provide hair boutique, Indian virgin hair experience to the people all across the world. The unique selling point is the best quality of hair that supply that will be used to adorn all types of personality, be it shorter hair style or longer hairstyle

Benefits Of People Purchasing Indian Human Hair From Trusted Suppliers

Wearing hair extensions will offer completely different feel to face and even personality. This is the worth purchasing Indian hair for coming up with the different styles and the best place to obtain virgin human hair from Adorable hair suppliers should be for the reputed and trusted human hair wholesale company.


The human hair suppliers provide its customers, the exclusive collection of the options in the human hair which are not only of the superior quality but will be designed into various forms for wearing out on various occasions. This is where a brand of indian human hair wholesale supplier comes into the picture; because of the trusted Adorable hair suppliers will be obtained from workshop and store.


The customers and retailers have received the best products at affordable human hair price. Hence, customers can get Remy and on-Remy types of single drawn and double drawn virgin Indian hair, which is resourced from the genuine range of sources. Since human hair has been well known in the market, all human hair extensions, wefts, and products are in the high demand among enthusiasts. The supplier ensures that products are delivered in superior quality, with packaging that can keep the things durable for long, without any kind of the damages for long days.

Thus, in order to get a very stylish and trendy look you must purchase best quality curly hair from a trustworthy company like Adorable Hair Supplier who vouch for their best quality hair and wonderful service for their each and every customer.

Wholesale Indian Hair Suppliers To Get Top-Notch Products

When you want any kind of Indian hair extensions, ‘Adorable Hair Suppliers’ is your best choice. Why? It is because you always want the best quality products for your needs and that too, at the most reasonable charges.

We are the wholesale Indian hair suppliers that put ‘quality’ as our priority. Our Indian hair weaves are made only of natural hair and they contain no artificial materials. Similarly, when you get hair extensions from us, these come up with the following traits:

  • No tangles

  • No weft

  • No shedding

  • No lice

  • Perfect finish

  • Silky and glossy

Thus, we are the wholesale Indian hair suppliers that leave no stone unturned to offer you the perfect quality products at highly affordable charges. Contact ‘Adorable Hair Suppliers’ for all kinds of your needs relating Indian hair weave and hair extensions etc. We aim to bring your lost confidence back by our outstanding hair extensions.

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